Tanya Minhas

Tanya Minhas is a New York based visual artist that grew up in Karachi, Pakistan, and moved to the United States to attend Princeton University. She got her graduate degree from Columbia University, which was where she started painting portraits in oil.

Her work currently revolves around making repetitive drawings using ink, paint, and other various mediums that explore the state of harmony between the internal and the external, the visible and the invisible, and how the strength of one’s intrinsic life force affects this harmony, offering an impetus to balance our internal lives with an increasingly tempestuous external world.

“Each painting is about an invisible memory or impression left by the myriad different forces in nature – a leaf falling to the earth displaces air as it falls, tracing an invisible pattern, that I can see with my heart, or my imagination, or whatever it is in myself that finds these moments important, and yet I am unable to express the awe of it precisely with words.”- Tanya Minhas