Tatyana Murray

Tatyana Murray is a British artist living and working in New York City. Working primarily with LED lights, Murray’s practice is meditative as she creates natural forms through the unnatural medium.

“LIGHT SERIES” are composed by stacking multiple clear sheets, where a three-dimensional floating image reveals itself through the manipulation of illumination, temperature and refraction. The subject matter is elevated to its spiritual essence. Without the light source the image cannot exist. Via a meditative process the pieces reveal themselves through trial and error. The work takes the artist as well as the audience on a journey of reflection, hope and awakening. The viewer experiences a tension; playfulness and authority, commerce and culture, tenderness and violence.  Through these themes Murray celebrates life and all its textures, tempos and colors. The intention is to create visually arresting works that makes one stop and reflect.

Murray’s work has been shown in New York and the Hamptons, as well as internationally in France, England, Spain, Italy, and Austria.

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