Todd Murphy

For over three decades, Todd Murphy explored a practice that combines a wide variety of mediums, including sculpture, painting and photography. Drawing from a diverse range of themes and inspiration, Murphy explored the complexities of human identity through his works. With the wide-eyed inquisitiveness of a 19th century Naturalist, Murphy has travelled extensively to the far reaches of the world, collecting, photographing and fastidiously cataloging melting glaciers, aviary species, exotic fruits and more. These recurring motifs act as poetic vehicles for humanistic discourse.

Born in Chicago, Murphy first established his career in Atlanta, then New York. His works have been shown in Atlanta, New York, San Fancisco, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Virginia, Seol, and more, in addition to many prestigious institutions such The High Museum of Art, The New Orleans Museum, and The Tampa Museum of Art.



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Images of This Artist's Installations