slab V/2 POSGY B, 2022,

Artist: Timothy Schmitz

  • Medium Acrylic, Print
  • Size 42 in. x 8 in. x 3 in.
  • Price $2500

About Timothy Schmitz

Timothy Schmitz creates objects of beauty and contemplation. His recent work is minimalist in concept but complex in technique. His art is distinguished by its understated expressiveness. Suffused in his work is a reined sense of the Japanese aesthetic notion that beauty comes from the visually modest and humble. There is a quiet grace in his current work, a purging of the extraneous and a reduction to visual essence. The luminescence and reductive elegance of his work still the mind and enable contemplative insight transcending simple intellectual conception.

Actively collected, both nationally and internationally, and is in numerous corporate and private collections across the country. He continues to work prolifically in Minneapolis, MN.

Other Work by Timothy Schmitz