Dark Mica Painting (Shasta), 2022

Artist: Catherine Howe

  • Medium Acrylic, Painting
  • Size 36 in. x 36 in.
  • Price $11000

About Catherine Howe

Catherine Howe’s paintings are exercises in the evocative power of paint as a material. The painted surfaces vary widely in paint application, with some areas thinly glazed or quickly sketched, and others so thick they appear to be in relief. Howe’s palette is known to be strong and vibrant, though not without eerie contrasts; her technique includes splatters, spills, and the scraping away of paint. She was a Professor on the Graduate Painting Faculty at the New York Academy of Art and Chair of the Department of Critical Studies until 2021. She has exhibited extensively in the United States, including solo exhibitions at Lesley Heller Workspace, Casey Kaplan Gallery, VonLintel Gallery, the William Shearburn Gallery, and more. Her work has also been included in international exhibitions in Paris, London, Munich, and Amsterdam. She currently lives both in Manhattan and a farmhouse in the Hudson Valley.

Other Work by Catherine Howe