Plastic Utensils Extinction

Artist: Christopher Boffoli

  • Medium Photography
  • Size 1 18 in. x 12 in. - $1500
  • Size 2 36 in. x 24 in. - $3500
  • Size 3 48 in. x 32 in. - $6500
  • Size 4 72 in. x 48 in. - $11500

About Christopher Boffoli

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Northwest-based artist Christopher Boffoli creates clever photographic vignettes. His process is combining miniature, hand-painted figurines from Germany with staged arrangements of food and beverages.

He is inspired by an unusual combination of magazine food photography and the 18th century fable “Gulliver’s Travels.” Boffoli explores how inverting the proportions of people and their surroundings creates unexpected points of interest. These creative scenes evoke an uncanny, albeit theatrically portrayed, likeness to the world at large.

Boffoli also uses language to enhance the photographic narratives. He selects tongue-in-cheek titles that draw on old adages and colloquial sayings and witty repartees, which adds another level of interest to the work.

Available in the following sizes:
12 x 18 inches
24 x 36 inches
32 x 48 inches
48 x 72 inches
Custom sizes available on request

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