Digital Exhibition: David Kassman | New Works

Artists: David Kassman

Exhibition Information:

September 17, 2020 - October 8, 2020

Winston Wächter is thrilled to present new works by artist David Kassman.

Living and working in Israel, photograph David Kassman has spent more than twenty years traveling extensively across continents. In a wide range of locations, Kassman photographs the people and places he encounters.

His new work spans three unique series, each based in a different far-flung locale. Alone Again features work from the Dead Sea Juda Desert, taken in 2009. Before They Are Gone was taken in Africa in 2016, specifically in Namibia, Ethiopia, and Botswana. Finally, The Last Message is a recent body of work taken in Nova Scotia in 2019. Shown together, these diverse series demonstrate Kassman’s range of interest and his ability to turn foreign landscapes into beautiful abstract compositions.