Digital Exhibition: Stephanie Hirsch, Memes Are The Modern Day Ancient Scripture

Artists: Stephanie Hirsch

Exhibition Information:

November 19, 2020 - December 19, 2020

Winston W├Ąchter is pleased to present a digital solo exhibition featuring the newest body of work by Stephanie Hirsch, “Memes are the Modern Day Ancient Scripture”. As part of her residency with Silver Arts Project in the World Trade Center and independently sponsored by Swarovski, Stephanie sorted through thousands of memes she had collected over the years and transformed them. Presenting as flags or banners of revelation, the works show the process of growth and healing through the recognizable lens of social media.

“Social media can be used for good or destruction. It can be used to separate or unite. It can be a toxic divider or unifying creator. It’s up to the viewer how they use it. Love, hope, positivity, healing and happiness are a choice. What you feed your mind, body and soul, you become. I have used memes as the vehicle for healing, hope, inspiration and transformation. I liken them to the prayer flags that blow the wisdom of the Buddha through the winds. An artist’s job is to illuminate the path forward and through life’s most challenging moments so they can show others the way back into the light.” – Stephanie Hirsch