Online Exhibition: Tony Scherman | From the Archives

Artists: The Estate of Tony Scherman

Exhibition Information:

October 16, 2020 - November 5, 2020

Canadian artist Tony Scherman’s work is notable for his use of the ancient and meticulous technique of encaustic – a practice combining wax and pigment. The encaustic creates lush, textured, and dramatic surfaces on his paintings. His work is representational, calling upon historical figures, events, and time periods for his subject matter. For Scherman, the meaning within each work develops as he paints, as he often pairs his subjects with modern themes and symbolism. Working quickly as the wax dries and hardens on the surface of his canvas, Scherman builds a complete picture with each brushstroke, imbuing the narrative with significance.

Winston Wåchter is pleased to present this digital exhibition pulling together a selection of works from our archives. Covering a range of subjects, the exhibition demonstrates Scherman’s far-reaching interests and talents in representation.