Online Exhibition: Paulette Tavormina | Archives from the Garden

Artists: Paulette Tavormina

Exhibition Information:

October 13, 2022 - November 26, 2022

Winston Wachter Fine Art, New York is excited to announce Archives from the Garden, an online exhibition of photographs by Paulette Tavormina. Archives from the Garden takes a look at Tavormina’s three ongoing series Natura Morta, Fiori Del Giardino, and Flowers, Fish, Birds and Fantasies.

Natura Morta was started in 2008 when Tavormina was inspired by the still life paintings by Old Masters.  She found inspiration in the way that Francisco de Zurbarán’s paintings captured subjects with striking lighting, the unconventional placement of objects in the works of Adriaen Coorte and the color palette of Giovanna Garzoni. Tavormina unveils her newest piece in this series, Dutch Tulips and Daffodils, 2022. The tulips and daffodils were picked from the artist’s garden. The little bird, the nest and butterflies are all sourced from various places in Paris, France.

Flowers, Fish, Birds, and Fantasies was a series started in 2012, after viewing a large painting by Gerard Van Spaendonck at a Sotheby’s exhibition. The usage of flower bouquets and goldfish swimming around in fishbowls sparked Tavormina to create her own renditions through photographs.

Fiori Del Giardino was started in 2020. For this series, Tavormina was inspired by the flowers in her garden in the country. She uses a range of fresh flowers such as Dutch Parrot Tulips, Morning Glories, Grape Hyacinths, and a medieval flower, Fritillaria. The figs that are used in this series come from a tree that was a cutting from a bigger fig tree that Tavormina’s grandfather grew in Long Island where she grew up.