Special Editions: Sally Gall

Artists: Sally Gall

Exhibition Information:

June 17, 2020 - July 1, 2020

Photographer Sally Gall is known for her sensuous and often abstracted depictions of nature. Based in New York City, Sally has frequently found inspiration close to home, depicting the plant-life in Central Park.

“There is a moment every year in the most glorious of parks, Central Park, when early spring arrives and the flowering trees burst into bloom, followed by the new green, that stirs my soul. Every spring I go to the Park to watch the natural world come back to life after the dormant winter. And every spring I photograph the same cherry trees and the same greenery, with great appreciation of its continual rebirth and cycles of growth.” – Sally Gall

Winston W├Ąchter is pleased to introduce two new special editions taken from Sally’s Central Park series, each priced at $750.