Timothy Schmitz and Michael Schultheis

Artists: Timothy Schmitz & Michael Schultheis

Exhibition Information:

June 15, 2023 - July 21, 2023
Opening Reception:
June 15th 2023

Winston Wächter Fine Art, New York is pleased to announce an exhibition of mixed media artworks by Timothy Schmitz and bronze sculptures and paintings by Michael Schultheis. Timothy Schmitz’s works are meditative in nature using color gradients to draw light into the center of the pieces. Michael Schultheis’ sculptures are a graceful dialogue between two stories finding harmony in the meeting point. The luring colors and fluid motion used by both artists are a captivating display of elegance.

Timothy Schmitz is a Minneapolis based artist who has created a process that is uniquely his own. He starts with a digital composition that is processed through different software programs. After multiple variations, the digital image is printed and physically manipulated with materials such as emulsions and resin. The result being a seamlessly constructed object that dances on the line of painting and sculpture. Timothy Schmitz finds inspiration for his soft color palette from when he lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Each work illuminates from the inside radiating the warmth of a sunset. suffuse code 6466, 2023 begins with a gentle violet color, diffused across the surface of the work, settling into a warm pink and orange hue at the bottom. The artist admires the strength found in gentleness and aims to embed that into his work. 

Michael Schultheis is a Seattle based artist. In his practice called Analytical Expressionism, the artist uses layers of mathematical equations to demonstrate how they can be used as a lens to view and understand human connections.  By using a geometric model that he calls the SoulMate Model, the artist explores how two people find each other and what it looks like when they start to orbit around one another.  His Venn sculptures, act as the three dimensional rendering of the brushstrokes found in his paintings. Using the lost-wax casting process of antiquity, he creates simple, elegant forms based on a geometric polar curve called a limaçon. Venn Fidelities Coupling stands 8 feet tall, cast in bronze with a slightly hammered texture which captures the sunlight within the groves. The momentous sculpture is one seamless line that forms a vertical venn diagram set on a pedestal. The middle joins together in an embrace of both circles. These works are a window into the mathematical language of geometric form that Schultheis speaks, inviting the viewer into a world of numbers and equations. 

Timothy Schmitz creates objects of beauty and contemplation. His recent work is minimalist in concept but complex in technique. His art is distinguished by its understated expressiveness. Suffused in his work is a reined sense of the Japanese aesthetic notion that beauty comes from the visually modest and humble. There is a quiet grace in his current work, a purging of the extraneous and a reduction to visual essence. The luminescence and reductive elegance of his work still the mind and enable contemplative insight transcending simple intellectual conception. Actively collected, both nationally and internationally, and is in numerous corporate and private collections across the country. He continues to work prolifically in Minneapolis, MN.

Michael Schultheiss’ work can be found in the collections of the Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA; United States Embassy, Athens, Greece & Bern, Switzerland; and the Mathematical Association of America, Washington DC among many others. Exhibitions of his works have been held at the Howard Hughes Institute in Chevy Chase, MD and at the National Academies of Sciences in Washington, D.C.