Untitled Art Miami 2021 | Peter Gronquist: Asylum Choir

Artists: Peter Gronquist

Exhibition Information:

November 29, 2021 - December 4, 2021

The gallery will be presenting a project space at Untitled, Art Miami Beach of artist Peter Gronquist

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In 2020, artist Peter Gronquist began a new series, unaware of the places it would take him. Inspired by a great personal trauma, Gronquist set out to portray the effects of severe emotional trauma onto the self. His idea was to explode slabs of polished stainless steel with ammonium nitrate, twisting the steel into amorphous shapes.

While the twisted slab hung from the ceiling one day in the studio, Gronquist observed a ray of sunlight reflected from the steel onto the wall, creating a phantasm of sorts. This led to an experiment that would take many months to perfect. By moving the steel into the studio bathroom and tarping out all light, the artist was able to create a makeshift darkroom.  Not knowing anything about darkroom photography, Gronquist set out trying to figure out how to expose reflected light onto black and white photo paper.  After agonizing over this process he was finally able to get the image to work using this process: one half second exposure with his iphone flashlight, then developer (thinned way down) and fixative.  He then mounts the “photo” onto birch panel, applies resin, then sands finally to a matte finish.

Peter Gronquist is a multi-disciplinary artist working in diverse mediums and materials ranging from video and painting, to sculpture and site-specific installations in our natural and built environment. Whether harnessing the wind itself with a massive, silver monochrome flag rippling in the middle of the desert, or activating the soft, penumbral glow around an industrial lighting fixture, Gronquist always leaves behind a record of frozen yet fleeting moments charged with his own personal subjectivity.
Throughout his career, Gronquist has employed aluminum, ceramic, paint, fabric, mirrors, basic lumber, LED lighting systems, and both virtual and augmented reality to challenge reductive notions of the traditional and modern. Based in Portland, Oregon, Gronquist draws inspiration from the pastoral sensibility and rural backdrop of the Pacific Northwest to create work inflected by a sense of rough poetry and impermanence.