Ann Gardner

Northwest-based artist Ann Gardner creates work about repetition, pattern, and the rhythm of form. To create each piece, the artist uses a combination of mosaic and pigment-tinted concrete and glass.

Working in glass mosaic, Ann Gardner creates forms that seem to be inspired equally by architecture and nature. Arcs, discs, and waves are covered entirely in squares of colored glass. She cuts and lays these materials individually. This time-intensive process creates complex forms and patterns. While there is an element of playfulness to Gardner’s work, it is impossible to ignore its dedicated, meditative quality.

Naturally, light is an essential material in these sculptures. They reflect and refract at every angle. This interplay between light, color and form allows the work to be fluid and dynamic.

Gardner’s work is influenced by her many travels, places where she feels that the repetition of pattern offers a sense of structure and grounding amidst the surrounding dynamism and chaos. She has won numerous awards and her work is included in major collections such as the National Museum of American Art, the American Craft Museum, and the Seattle Art Museum.

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Images of This Artist's Installations