25th Anniversary Exhibition, Part One

Artists: Tom Baril, Rena Bass Forman, John Bowman, Nicole Charbonnet, Susan Dory, Betsy Eby, Ann Gardner, Heather Hutchison, Andreas Kocks, Ethan Murrow, Angelina Nasso, Erin Parish, The Estate of Tony Scherman, Michael Schultheis, Julie Speidel, Peter Waite, Hiro Yokose

Exhibition Information:

January 13, 2021 - January 27, 2021

On the occasion of Winston Wächter’s 25th anniversary, the gallery will present a group exhibition in two parts that highlights the artists who have shaped our program throughout the years. Part One will feature works by 17 of our artists and will be on view from January 13th – 27th, 2021.