Sri Lanka #18

Artist: Rena Bass Forman

  • Size 38 in. x 38 in.
  • Price $11500

About Rena Bass Forman

Rena Bass Forman is known for her visually stunning sepia-toned images of the natural landscape and exotic locales. Bass Forman’s large-format photographs, taken with a 2¼ inch camera, document the changes of light, water, climate, and their affects on the landscape. Her work often focused on the vastly different landscapes of Sri Lanka, Newfoundland, Labrador, the Pacific Northwest and Italy.

The overall sense of tranquility in her work results from the pristine natural settings featured in her images, as well as from the compositional balance between light, land and sky. The painterly quality of her work is similar to the 19th century American landscapists, and offers the viewer a sense of inner silence and meditative serenity.

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