Angelina Nasso

The work of Angelina Nasso, a New York-based artist, is inspired by nature. Nasso sites as inspirations the night air, the sky, the mist, the clouds, the trees, and withered leaves. Her process is intuitive. She carefully establishes layers of transparent paint in a meditative manner.

Luminous spots and disks appear to float on the smooth surfaces of her paintings. Brilliant in color, her works employ a vibrant and sensuous richness. She says of her art: “My imagery occurs within color itself.” Through her use of vibrant colors, small dots, and abstract forms, her works seek to reveal the transference of energy and the fluidity between our inner and outer worlds.

Nasso was born in Sydney, Australia and is currently based in upstate New York. She has studied at the San Francisco Art Institute, the China National Academy of Art, and the School of Visual Arts in New York.

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Images of This Artist's Installations