Online Exhibition: Scott Patt | Character Study

Artists: Scott Patt

Exhibition Information:

January 22, 2021 - February 20, 2021

Winston Wächter is pleased to present Character Study, a digital exhibition featuring new works by Scott Patt.

“We are emerging from four of the most chaotic and destructive years in modern history; for the world, for America, and for each of us as individuals. We have been surrounded by a relentless assault on our character in a reality-show of noise, hyper-focused on self-actualization, power, hatred and injustice blanketed in the devastation of a global pandemic.

Little is the same, plans have been scrapped and lives immeasurably altered in masked interactions devoid of expression. All this amongst the requirements of moving forward, providing for our families, raising our children, and doing our jobs. Over the last four years, we have witnessed the full range of our own character in its erosion, dismantling, resilience, and ultimately our collective and individual rebirth.

Character Study is a journal of Graphic Portraits created over the last four years meant to unmask the full range of feelings and emotions we’ve all experienced in this time. Each piece was spontaneously made incorporating bold, gestural letterforms as the foundation for many of the works. Often, multiples of each portrait were made to refine the fluidity of movement and economy of line while exploring rhythm, scale and color. Each Character was created over multiple sessions with a dozen or more pieces being simultaneously worked on.

Character Study is and continues to be my outlet to process (sometimes exorcise) and reflect on our unique and complicated times. It is my hope that you can see some of yourself within the work and find some resolution through a smile.”

-Scott Patt