Online Exhibition: Betsy Eby | Rhythmic Variations

Artists: Betsy Eby

Exhibition Information:

September 19, 2023 - October 14, 2023

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Artist CV

Winston Wächter Fine Art, New York presents a new body of work by Betsy Eby titled, Rhythmic Variations, that invites the viewer into her creative escape. This series is a captivating and poetic exploration of nature through art. Eby’s approach is focused on capturing not just the visual aspects of nature, but also its inherent melodies. By using various tools and techniques, such as oils, cold wax, and powdered pigments, Eby aims to convey the dynamic and evolving nature of the natural world. This series serves as a tribute to the beauty and vitality of Wheaton Island’s landscape, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in its vibrant and ever-changing colors and movements.

Rhythmic Variations is a series of meditations using gesture and color, merging the environmental rhythms of Wheaton Island, its swaying seas and fissured granite coastline, with colors of flora, wild and plentiful, elderberry, cranberry bogs, sun drenched lichen, goldenrod, expectant blueberries, while the distant ledges appear and disappear as fog rolls in, rolls out.  

Betsy’s work dances these patterns on the page with spatulas, knives, brushes, anything to convey the eternal fluxes and the intrinsic music within the natural world. 

Betsy Eby received her BA from the University of Oregon. She and her husband, painter Bo Bartlett, split their time between studios in Columbus, Georgia, and Wheaton Island, Maine. She savors the spaciousness and light of both of these studios, and her paintings evoke the atmosphere of the vast ocean that surrounds her small island residence in Maine. Betsy was an exchange artist with the US Arts and Embassies. Her work has been shown and collected by the Georgia Museum of Art, Columbus Museum, Morris Museum, and Tacoma Art Museum. Eby has shown frequently with Winston Wachter Fine Art in both the Seattle and New York galleries.