Online Exhibition: Shane McAdams | Synthetic Landscapes

Artists: Shane McAdams

Exhibition Information:

January 15, 2022 - February 26, 2022

Winston Wachter Fine Art is pleased to present new paintings from Shane McAdams’ series: Synthetic Landscapes.

This body of work was inspired by a trip McAdams took to Disney World with his daughters right before the pandemic. This trip left him thinking about the material world verse the natural world. Through that idea he started questioning, “What makes a painting a landscape painting?”

This series is his exploration into the trope of the landscape painting and aims to challenge the traditional idea of what that entails. McAdams’ paintings balance between a world that the viewer is familiar with and a futuristic world.  He uses motifs that can be found in nature and recognized as mountains, skies, or rock formations. The natural forms are simple with a high attention to detail. The earthly color palette complements these shapes and helps lend to the idea of a landscape. In contrast, McAdams layers organic geometric shapes with bolder colors that shifts the perspective.

Shane McAdams has always been taken by the sculpted topography of the Southwest desert where he grew up. The physical sense of land and material has continued to guide McAdams’ work, both as a symbol of process and as a source of content. He is interested in how the incremental effects of time can create something structured and unique. McAdams is an artist and writer commuting between Brooklyn, NY and Cedarburg, WI.

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